Security and Data Privacy

Patient Data Security icon. Art by Somewan of Noun Project

We understand that your data and confidentiality are top priority. It's the foundation of building trust with clients. Therefore, we created this page to show how we protect you and your clients' privacy.

You decide who sees your data

  • We will not share your data with any third parties without your explicit consent.
  • We do not share data with your patients, unless they explicitly request it.
  • We will not share your individual data with authorities, without your explicit consent, unless required by law.

Type of data saved

  • You decide what information to capture for your documentation during setup.
  • We save the values that would go directly into your documentation, and delete any raw transcript data as soon as the documentation is generated, unless you explicitly request to save it.
  • Patient identifying information is stored separately from all other data.
  • We remove identifying details as outlined by HIPAA (names, locations, times, etc.) before processing.

We follow compliance standards

  • We will sign a Business Associate Agreement with you.
  • We encrypt all our data storage systems.
  • We use reputable HIPAA compliant vendors (Google Cloud, NLPCloud).
  • Only employees that need to keep our servers running smoothly have access to databases, which are encrypted. Such an employee will only receive access after HIPAA compliance training.
  • We use monitoring systems to catch suspicious activity as soon as it starts.
  • We have a Data Protection Officer to review and enforce our data privacy policies.

If you change your mind

  • You can close your account at any time by sending a request to privacy@emotivohealth-dot-com. We will respond within 1 business day.
  • Closing an account will allow you to first download your data. You have 5 business days to do so, unless you request a longer or shorter timeline.
  • We delete your data after 5 business days, unless you request a longer or shorter timeline.