care management team out in the field

Actionable Health Equity to boost Star Ratings

Emotivo empowers your care management organization to turn conversation data into actionable empathy and equitable outcomes.

Reliably identify and refer members with social needs

Maximize your Medicare Advantage Star Ratings rewards factor through the health equity index, increase member satisfaction from measured empathy, reduce psychiatric hospitalizations, and improve clinical outcomes for your members, by capturing new engagement data during your care management touchpoints.

Who benefits

Satisfied Patients + Satisfied Staff = Higher Star Ratings

  • More trust and satisfaction with their care managers and providers
  • Better health outcomes
Care Managers
  • Automatically identify and prioritize gaps in care
  • Awareness of which members at risk of disengaging
  • Increase quality of documentation for successful coordination and handoffs
  • Lower burnout
  • Reduce no shows, and increase patient engagement/compliance
  • Save time on documentation and learning new coding
  • We use monitoring systems to catch suspicious activity as soon as it starts.

Get started today

The first step to enabling your care management team on becoming health equity action heroes starts with you. Learn how partnering with Emotivo Health can get your organization there faster.

We are prepared to handle each organization's different existing workflows and software integrations. We built our product on the foundations of interoperability for flexibility and scalability. Reach out for more details!

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