You build the rapport we build the notes

Automated EHR documentation through Machine Learning analysis of patient-clinician conversation.

Highly effective therapists make more effort to review therapy recordings

Who has time to review therapy recordings?

You will with our autoscribe technology. Stop wasting time on documentation and following up on insurance reimbursements.

Feel like you had a scribe and received supervision feedback all at once, but without someone in the room affecting your therapeutic alliance. In fact, we measure the therapeutic alliance for each session, so you can see how it's trending.

Will my clients reject having their voice being recorded?

Research shows that people do not turn down therapy treatment if they know they are being recorded.

Also, we don't save transcriptions. Instead we analyze and save summarized analysis.

“Highly effective therapists make more effort to review therapy recordings”

Mark Ranton
APA Journal

How it works?

Start session

Open Emotivo, start a recording session, then start your appointment, via telehealth or in-person.


Automatically Transcribe

Emotivo automatically transcribes the conversation on your local device, so you don’t need to take your attention off your client/patient


Post-session Processing

End the recording in Emotivo once your patient leaves. We redact identifying details, then use machine learning to summarize into clinical terms for progress notes.


Review effectiveness and trends

Analysis on therapeutic alliance/rapport and generated. Therapeutic alliace metrics are saved in Emotivo for your review. EHR integration is available.


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